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If family members disagree about a loved one's needs or how to best respond to needs, relationships can be strained, important decisions postponed, and leave everyone involved feeling angry, guilty, or both. Elder mediation is a cooperative process in which a professionally trained elder mediator helps facilitate discussions to assist your family find reasonable solutions together. This step requires all parties are:

·         Willing to participate in mediation;

·         Willing to reach an agreement that works for other parties, as well as themselves; and

·         Have the ability, with help, to participate in the conversation – to say what is true for them and what they need, and to try to understand the other parties.

The benefits of elder mediation are many, including:

·         Understanding parents’ plans or intentions

·         Deeper understanding of other parties’ viewpoint

·         Input from all sides regarding life or care plan

·         Avoids litigation when litigation would destroy important relationships

·         Usually much less expensive and parties equally share the cost

·         Confidentiality is preserved; nothing shared during mediation can be used or reported during litigation

The role of the Mediator is:

·         To assist, facilitate, and guide the negotiation to explore some options for agreement that may be agreeable to both sides.

The role of the Mediator is not:

·         To judge, arbitrate, fact-find, make decisions, or give legal advice.

Trinity Advocacy Group received its mediation certification from Northwestern University and has over 20 years of advocacy experience for older adults and their families.

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